There are places in Tuscany famous for the wine and good food, some for the beautiful scenery surrounded by the pastel colours of sunsets and sunny afternoons.
There are some small towns, less famous, certainly less popular, but with the peculiarity to keep the features that have always made this area famous over the centuries,  where time flows at different rates, where the animals are still an integral part of the daily life, and where you can still find the time and pleasure to enjoy the incredible shows that nature can offer.

Clear rivers flow down the valleys during the summer, bringing a bit of freshness, yellow leaves painting the autumn woods, colours, smells, the feelings will follow you even in your return to town, leaving a clear memory of the time spent immersed in this unique world of peace to the point of wanting to come back again …

The area allows comfortable movement along roads without traffic and full of history, paths for  cars and motorcycles, bike paths and many enjoying walking paths, with varying levels of difficulty and therefore suitable for all ages and levels of fitness.

You can decide to spend the day visiting the streets of medieval cities, like Siena and Florence, nap lying on a smooth stone near the river, lazing on the river or in the shadow of ancient oaks with a good book in your hands, breathing crystalline air running along the shaded paths, the choices are numerous, and all in perfect harmony with your mood, spirit and passion.

We expect to involve you en a period of absolute calm in our comfortable farmhouse.

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